Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Let it snow...a little

The last few weeks have honestly been quite a blur. As much as I love the holidays, sometimes they just suck you in and spit you out into January. December seems to have been a haze of hectic shopping, stubborn illnesses, missed French classes and a rather uncomfortable house pet (our golden retriever had surgery). That was before we even left to the States for the holidays. Yes, our house has been quite busy these last few weeks, so it is a welcomed relief to have things slow down a bit as they seem to in January.

We actually had our first snow in December. In fact, there was one week where we had a decent few inches and the kids were (sort of) let home early. Apparently fears of large amounts of snow and difficult driving situations from a couple of years ago are still quite prevalent around the boys' school. This picture was actually taken that day. Though we didn't quite receive the anticipated snowfall (it seemed to have magically stopped as soon as word hit Facebook that parents were free to pick up their children early from school), it was quite lovely and helped to get everyone into the holiday spirit. This week, we returned to a similar picture, though no snow days for the young. Instead, just messy roads, crazy traffic, and lots of shoveling and salt tossing. In Luxembourg, you are responsible for clearing your sidewalks so that the walkways are safe for pedestrians. As fate would have it, it seems to ALWAYS snow on a work day. I shouldn't complain. The shoveling is great exercise and I could certainly use the opportunity to work off the calories I took on back in the States, but here is the bold truth. I hate snow. Really, I hate the stuff. It's cold. It's slippery. It turns to black muck and makes the streets a mess. It requires salt to dissolve, which means we deal with salt marks on our clothes, our cars, our floors, etc. Maybe it's because I am from Texas and didn't even see snow for the first time until I was 18, but 20+ years later, I've grown to hate the stuff. It's fine when I am on vacation, skiing maybe, hanging out in a hotel or resort where someone else can deal with the resulting headaches and mess. However, when I have to shovel and clean up after it, it quickly loses its appeal. Even my kids are past the snowman age (though I am sure they would be game for sledding) and would prefer to stay indoors than mess with the stuff. Yes, it makes everything look pretty, and that first snow fall is just magical. I do love the way it seems to hush everything and everyone, as if everyone is taking a large breathe and letting out a collective sigh. And I love to watch the snow fall  - I just prefer to watch it from my window. But I have to admit that I much prefer the snowfalls where it snows about an inch, the sun comes out and melts it a few hours later, and, even better, it happens on a weekend when we can just sit back and enjoy its beauty. Unfortunately, this week's snowfall started on Tuesday and the temperatures are low enough that it will certainly stick around for awhile. The forecast also predicts more on the way this weekend. But, I guess that will be okay. Perhaps a weekend of hot chocolate, movies and PJs are in order. Just don't expect me to shovel.

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  1. Yay! It's finally gone! 2 weeks after you wrote this!